About Us

Our history

Phoenix” is Bulgarian ice cream – just as it should be!

Over 30 years ago, “Phoenix” emerged as a small family factory. We had a great desire for the market to have quality Bulgarian ice cream, and we decided to produce it ourselves. We sought suppliers of natural products and developed our ice creams one by one, striving to make them perfect and bring true joy.

We are happy that today we continue to make “Phoenix” ice creams with natural ingredients. Because we believe that the pleasure of ice cream should not come at the expense of health.

And our catalog has grown incredibly!

Today, we offer the highest quality ice creams and the most impressive ice cream cakes, created here, in beloved Bulgaria. We strive to maintain a wide variety, but the quality is always what it should be.

We have developed special products that we are proud of. We produce appetizing mini ice cream cakes with a unique appearance and perfect taste. We are also masters of ice cream yogurt in a pot – a mixture of two favorite treats that everyone fell in love with.

For our customers, we have launched additional services, producing various types of sweets and snacks for catering, to welcome and delight their guests. Of course, they are of the same precise quality and amazing taste that we have cherished for so many years.

And we continue!

We rejoice at every smile born from “Phoenix” ice creams, and we strive for them to be more and more. We develop new and new types of quality ice creams so that they never get boring.

We always strive to offer something deliciously tempting for those special moments when a small, sweet pleasure can make the whole day better.